ATI AgroTech Industries AG was founded in April 2009 as ATI Advanced Technology International GmbH in Innsbruck, Austria by a team of experts who are aware of the challenges farmers face and their need to increase efficiency and reduce losses.

Today ATI AgroTech has activated a close collaboration with companies like ours, which operate in the fruit growing field in order to design creative solutions that support a vital professional sector, dedicated to the cultivation of healthy food products for all. Agriculture must be in tune with the environment to ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

Also in our opinion, the protection of the environment and the use of technologies that respect nature have fundamental importance: this is why we have decided to become their authorized resellers and to propose alternative solutions aimed at improving existing technologies. The time is ripe to change things: year after years, the use of hybrid and electric vehicles records a significant increase, and the public is increasingly inclined to accept and enhance this type of vehicle.

Pilati Gianfranco & C. Snc collaborates with ATI AgroTech as an industrial partner and authorized dealer, in order to offer a wide range of electric agricultural machines on a global scale. Our mission is to disseminate support technology for sustainable agriculture.